I’m Tassos Kotzias

Achieving Balance With HEART©

A Program for Women Executives and Business Owners

Overcome the Stress and Overwhelm of Trying To
Balance Your Career and Personal Responsibilities and
Become Holistic, Empowered, Accepted, Resilient, and Transformed

Measure Your Worth

A male dominated environment is disrespectful to a woman’s being. You don’t feel accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged for who you are as an individual.

Identify your value system and behavioral characteristics to build a foundation of being recognized, loved, and respected in your professional and personal life.

Discover Your Balance

Balancing your personal and professional life is challenging when work is time-consuming. There’s no time for friends or family and you’re worried you’re not being a good employee, spouse, or mother.

Gain clarity on your strengths and learn how to manage your stress so you can fulfill your ultimate potential.

Enable Support Systems

The lack of a support system makes you run a one-woman show headed towards burn-out, leaving you physically or mentally sick and unable to care for yourself or your family.

Discover efficient practices and focus your energy where it makes the difference needed to help you achieve a successful future.

About Me

I was fortunate to work, for over 25 years, in Senior corporate positions as well as demanding entrepreneurial environments, with high levels of stress and challenging personal relations. I had to deal with “bosses” of all kinds, including insecure male managers and colleagues, who only wished to justify their presence and power over others by taking advantage of what they thought was their weakness or abusing the personal and family life situations of their peers.

Female colleagues were coming to me, discussing their challenging feelings and emotions of lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and fear of being judged all the time by their male bosses or colleagues. Sharing with me their fear of failing or even losing their jobs, which would endanger their financial independence and their work-life-family balance.

I could not explain, back then, why they would come to me, being also a male boss or peer of theirs… apparently because I was there to listen to them, support them with advice and treat them as respectful individuals. I was trying to empower them to believe in and respect themselves, as I would do for my wife and kids, feeling so natural to me.

Having experienced this and following my passion for Holistic Coaching, I decided to make it my mission to support all of you, who may need my help in order to surpass such challenging stressful situations at work and home.

I developed my unique HEART© Coaching methodology to make you feel Holistic, Empowered, Accepted, Resilient, and Transformed, so that you can appreciate and integrate this holistic transformation, balance and harmony in your life, once and for all!

Tassos holds, among other distinct international Educational and Corporate qualifications, the qualification of the Holistic Coach Certification Program, accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation) of the Holistic Coach Training Institute in the US.

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Georgina Kotsaki

“I recently took the leap and embarked on a transformative journey. I had the privilege of working with a Holistic Coach like Tassos, and I must say it has been a life-changing experience for me. His genuine passion for helping others achieve their full potential was shining through in every session.
Throughout our sessions, Tassos demonstrated exceptional listening skills and created a safe place, where I felt comfortable sharing my fears, doubts and aspirations. Tassos challenged me to explore my limiting beliefs and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. His ability to ask insightful questions empowered me to discover my own answers.
I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to Tassos and I must admit that I had a big smile, feeling positive and self-confident after every session.”

Dioni Kouroukiavouri

“I was very fortunate to meet Tassos and work together on my coaching and growth needs . His beautiful calming voice, his reassuring and respectful attitude, along with his powerful, to-the-point questions, provided me with an amazing space of trust and safety, where I could explore my deeper feelings and thoughts while being focused on my real and substantial growth needs.
Tassos has a gift in creating and providing so much empathy within a coaching session, making it look simple, so I could fully immerse myself in my personal and professional problems to overcome my limitations and challenge myself in every single aspect!
Last but not least, Tassos’ Holistic Coaching methodology and great experience has supported me to take care of myself for who I am and for who I want to be, placing my personal needs and priorities into the spotlight, feeling positive, energized and giving out the best of myself to my family and friends!”

Marta Lutomska

“The best result of my work with Tassos, as my Holistic Coach, has been the clarity and balance that our sessions brought. I came away with much more clarity around my thoughts and was able to figure out my next personal and professional steps that were in alignment with my values.
The Holistic Coaching sessions with Tassos helped me stay focused on my main priorities and boosted my confidence and motivation to move forward. The process of relocating would have felt much more overwhelming without Tassos’s great help and support.
I highly recommend Tassos – he has great coaching skills and a wonderful coaching style by working holistically on all four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual! He’s always very professional, supportive and a great active listener!”

Chrysa Athanasopoulou

“Tassos, through his unique personality and Holistic Coaching methodology, has immensely helped me to understand my real personal needs, by listening to my body and emotions, taking care of myself physically and emotionally, which made me feel fulfilled and joyful in a short period of time! He supported me in effectively managing those moments of anger, by acknowledging them, taking some time to breathe, and then communicating then my needs and thoughts to others clearly and in a calmer way. In my coaching journey with Tassos, I realized that it’s never too late to start something I deeply desire, to claim parts of the joy or happiness that belongs to me and to take the specific actions to fulfil my desires!”

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Achieving Balance With HEART©

A Program for Women Executives and Business Owners

Overcome the Stress and Overwhelm of Trying To
Balance Your Career and Personal Responsibilities and
Become Holistic, Empowered, Accepted, Resilient, and Transformed