Understanding how others’ opinions influence us is key to smoother decision-making. Start by recognizing whose opinions truly matter and why. Reflect on whether their input aligns with your own values and long-term goals. It’s crucial to set boundaries and learn to say no when needed, maintaining your decision-making integrity.

When feeling overwhelmed by others’ views, take a step back and give yourself space to think independently. Simplify the decision-making process by focusing on what truly matters to you, rather than trying to please everyone. Trust your gut feelings; your instincts often know what’s best for you.

Practicing mindfulness can also help. Being aware of your emotional state and how it affects your choices can prevent you from making decisions based on temporary feelings or external pressure. Each choice is a step on life’s path, and learning to make decisions confidently, despite the opinions of others, is a valuable skill that leads to personal growth and satisfaction.

 I used to struggle to find a balance between my own priorities and other people’s opinions. I’ve been there, giving all my energy to calm down and see things straight. The key is to figure out and respect your opinion and walk aligned with your values.   If not, it’s okay to set boundaries and say no. This way, you can stay true to yourself and make choices that are right for you, regardless of what other people think about you!

If you’re in the same boat, I’m here to help you avoid the loop of repeating the same patterns and create a life on your terms – the simple, straightforward way. Let’s walk through this together and make your choices count!

The Opinion of Others… and Why Should I Care?


Who Is It For?

  • Are you often influenced by the opinions of others?
  • Do you struggle with your decision-making progress?
  • Do you feel guilty prioritizing your own needs and opinions?
  • How do you feel when receiving a judgment or criticism from others?
  • Do you feel you have compromised your own values to accommodate others?
  • What are the potential consequences of not owning your decisions?
  • How would your life improve if you were able to break-free from the influence of others’ opinions?
  • What steps can you take to build a strong sense of your personal identity?

Who Is It Not For?

  • Individuals who do not appreciate the value of the “Holistic way of being” for their overall health, self-worth, and wealth.
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic stress or non-coachable mental health conditions.
  • Individuals who want instant results without any personal commitment and effort.
  • Individuals who do not want to invest in their personal development, to become the best version of themselves, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Why is Important to Control how we Feel from the Opinion of Others?

After this Workshop:

Here’s what you can look forward to after completing this workshop:


 No More Guilt: You’ll walk away with new insights and hands-on strategies to decide for yourself guilt-free!

 Speak Up With Confidence: Get ready to learn the art of expressing your opinions and needs with confidence and assertiveness!

 Bye-Bye Judgment Fear: You’ll build the mindset and grab the tools needed to wave goodbye to any fear of criticism or judgment!

 Take the Reins: The biggest win? You’ll be empowered to steer your life in a direction that’s true to your self-worth, paving the way for joy, fulfilment, and a beautiful self-directed and authentic life!

During our time together, we’re diving into lively discussions, introspective self-reflection, and hands-on activities to really get these concepts to stick.
I’m all in for you to get involved, share what’s on your mind, and throw any questions you have my way. This is your safe space to grow and learn, surrounded by support every step of the way!


  • Learn to identify and understand the root cause of the fear of judgment and its impact in our daily lives.
  • Learn practical strategies and techniques to manage the fear of judgment and criticism.
  • Build resilience against judgment and criticism without compromising your well-being or self-esteem.
  • Engage in self-reflection exercises and group discussions.


  • Learn what self-confidence truly means and how it impacts various aspects of our life!
  • Learn practical strategies and techniques to build your self-confidence!
  • Learn the importance of assertiveness and how to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs in a respectful and confident manner!
  • Learn how to overcome potential barriers to self-confidence and assertiveness and how to handle criticism or conflict!


  • Learn how to identify the problem, generate alternatives, evaluate options and take the decision!
  • Learn how to apply critical thinking skills in your decision-making process!
  • Learn strategies on how to manage uncertainty and risk in decision-making!
  • Understand how reflecting on past decisions can provide valuable insights for future decision-making!


  • Learn what emotional resilience is and why it’s crucial for managing stress and anxiety!
  • Learn effective stress management techniques!
  • Learn how to cope with anxiety, accepting that you cannot control everything!
  • Learn practical strategies to elevate your emotional resilience!

Key Takeaways

1. Understanding the root cause of our fear of judgment is the first step towards managing it.

2. Managing the fear of judgment reduces stress and anxiety, leading to improved mental well-being.

3. Self-confidence comes from within and is not dependent on external validation.

4. Living authentically means making decisions based on our own values and desires, not others’ opinions.

5. Assertiveness is about expressing our thoughts and feelings respectfully and confidently.

6. Building resilience helps us navigate through judgment and criticism without compromising our well-being.

7. Regular reflection and self-assessment are crucial for personal growth and self-improvement.

8. Celebrating our progress, no matter how small, boosts our confidence and motivation.

9. Controlling how we feel about others’ opinions allows us to live a more fulfilling and self-directed life.

10. Seeking support from trusted individuals can be invaluable during our journey towards personal growth.

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Make the most of these skills to continue your journey of growth and connection.
We can’t wait to see where this path takes you!
Tassos Kotzias,
Certified Holistic Coach, ICF PCC


For the past 25 years, I’ve had the incredible journey of navigating through the highs and lows of senior corporate roles and the vibrant world of entrepreneurship. It’s been a ride filled with intense pressures and the rich tapestry of human connections. Along the way, I’ve encountered a spectrum of management styles – some were supportive, while others, unfortunately, leaned on their authority a bit too heavily, challenging the personal boundaries and peace of our team members.

Many times, my female colleagues found a confidant in me, sharing their heartfelt struggles with self-doubt, esteem, and the constant worry of being under the critical eyes of our male counterparts. Their fears weren’t just about the present; they were deeply concerned about their job security and the delicate balance they strived to maintain between their professional and personal lives.

Why they chose to confide in me, despite my being in a similar position of authority, was something I pondered. It dawned on me that perhaps it was my willingness to listen, to offer a supportive word, and to treat them with the respect everyone deserves. My approach was no different from how I interacted with my own family – with a foundation of respect and empowerment.

These experiences, combined with my deep-seated passion for holistic coaching, inspired me to dedicate myself to those of you seeking support through life’s challenges. It’s my goal to help you navigate through stressful situations, whether they’re in your professional or personal life.

That’s why I developed the HEART© Coaching methodology. It’s designed to make you feel Holistic, Empowered, Accepted, Resilient, and Transformed. I want to help you embrace this holistic transformation and find a lasting sense of balance and harmony in your life.

With a background enriched by international educational and corporate achievements, including a prestigious certification from the Holistic Coach Training Institute accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), I’m here to offer you a compassionate, empowering coaching experience!